Area research

Involve your citizens in decisions about their neighborhood and create a strong bond

Area research

As a municipality or district, you want the best for your residents. But do they appreciate your efforts? How do they assess your policy? And what are the differences per zipcode area?

With Wijkpeil, citizens are involved in what you do. First, the objectives are determined and options for following up on the results of Wijkpeil. The objectives are then translated into a questionnaire. Key people from the neighborhood, your volunteers, are trained by us to get started with Wijkpeil.

The results are analyzed and fed back. With this data, substantiated decisions can be made.

Neighborhood residents often know more than you think

Ons unieke Wijkpeil project zorgt voor een sterkere verbinding tussen overheid en de burger. In addition to practical solutions, it also leads to smart (cost-saving) solutions.

Customer cases

Wijkpeil investigated the views of citizens in Rotterdam West on the participation society.

Inno4Care was founded with the vision to make a substantial contribution to improving customer satisfaction. Our experienced team provides the insights you need to get started internally and achieve results in the short term.

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