Employee satisfaction survey

Motivated employees contribute more to your organization

Measure the satisfaction of your employees

People who enjoy going to work are more productive, less likely to report sick if they don’t feel well, and are more loyal to your company.

To find out to what extent your employees are satisfied or which points require attention, it is important to regularly ask how they are doing and how they experience everything in the workplace. Based on our experience, we advise not to submit a very long questionnaire to them once a year, just before the end-of-year or performance interviews.

In practice, people dread filling out such a long list. And if they also feel that nothing is being done with it because it requests so much information, the results cannot be representative. With one measurement moment per year, you don’t really know what is going on among your people.


Shorter and more frequent research

Short-term studies have been introduced with great success at many companies. With this, a survey is conducted more often per year, but each time focused on one topic. Often also linked to current developments in the company, the market or in society.

By using short surveys, the threshold is much lower for completing it. If, in addition, the results are fed back in combination with announced measures, this will set in motion a positive spiral. Your employees see that something is being done with their comments and will certainly complete a subsequent survey.

This is how it works in both directions: your HR department can get to work more concretely and your employees experience that they are listened to.

Research library

In recent years, Inno4Care’s consultants have compiled questionnaires to measure employee satisfaction, focusing on different parts of the work. These questionnaires are available in our so-called research library.


Make use of our expertise

With the basis from the research library you can start measuring satisfaction yourself, but you can of course also use the knowledge and experience of our consultants. They will take most of the work off your hands, from drawing up the questionnaire, setting out the questionnaire, collecting the data and ultimately reporting the data. This report can be compiled in various ways:

  • Basic report: This gives you the results of the survey in table and graph form in a Word document. You can then start writing the analyzes and formulate conclusions and recommendations.
  • Full Reporting: Provides a complete report, with tables, graphs, textual analysis and conclusions and recommendations.
  • Management dashboard tool: in addition to an extensive report, a completely customized dashboard can be compiled, with which the satisfaction and changes can be visualized in one overview.

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Although there are basic questionnaires, no company is the same. These questionnaires really form a basis from which questionnaires are developed that focus on the aspects within your company. Our consultants first map out with you where the possible bottlenecks are and which research questions should be addressed first.

These aspects are translated into a questionnaire, so that you receive an answer to your problem definition in the report.

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