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As a healthcare organization you are constantly working on improving quality. Not only because the Quality Framework and other mandatory measurements require this, but because you want the best for your clients and employees yourself. Due to the complexity of all processes, it is sometimes difficult to gain structure, overview and unity.

The solution is the combination of the Research Library for healthcare.


Subjects Research library

The Research Library contains a multitude of studies on the following three main categories:

  • Client and stakeholders satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Audits

Because all these studies have already been developed and tested in practice, you save a lot of time in preparation and research costs. The studies can also be a good starting point for studies to be developed.

Start immediately

With the knowledge and years of experience in healthcare, the research library was developed. This library contains standardized questionnaires and studies that have proven themselves in practice. They all also meet the quality guidelines. Continuous improvements based on developments in practice ensure that the studies remain up to date.

In combination with sophisticated software, all studies from the Research Library can be set up quickly and easily. The advantage is that everything is housed in one system, so that an overview of all current investigations can be maintained. The software provides all the functionalities required for an optimal experience, both for the respondent and the user who has to set everything up in the backend.

The Research Library in combination with the software provides a practical and solution-oriented approach that quickly leads to quality improvements.

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and start measuring yourself within 2 weeks.

The three pillars of the Research Library care:

Client Satisfaction

In this part of the Research Library you can find questionnaires that measure client satisfaction. Whether it concerns intramural, home care, daytime activities, etc. Questionnaires have also been developed to measure the satisfaction of informal carers or the use of Tafeltje Dekje. So which part you want to measure, the Research Library has a survey for it. This allows you to quickly and easily start measuring and improving.

Examples of studies you can choose from are:

  • Satisfaction of clients in the hospital
  • Satisfaction of home care clients
  • Satisfaction of clients during the day
  • Satisfaction of day treatment clients
  • Satisfaction of representatives of PG clients
  • Satisfaction of domestic help (WMO)
  • Client satisfaction with geriatric rehabilitation care (GRZ)
  • Satisfaction of informal carers with case management of dementia
  • Satisfaction / needs assessment of informal carers
  • Satisfaction of persons alerting
  • Satisfaction Tafeltje Cover / meal provision
  • First line residence
  • Dignity and Pride

Employee Satisfaction Survey (MTO)

Satisfied employees are invaluable in an organization. By actively challenging the employees to think about improvements and to appeal to their own responsibility, you ensure greater involvement and satisfaction. Questionnaires have been developed for the Research Library that focus on four areas of success:

  • The organization
  • The work
  • Cooperation and perceived social support
  • The management / leadership

Depending on the measurement goal, you can use multiple or sub-modules. For this you can choose from:

  • The work
  • Cooperation and social support
  • Stress and energy sources
  • Leadership / Management
  • The organization
  • Psychosocial working conditions
  • Collaboration between formal and informal care providers
  • Vitality employees
  • Satisfaction of volunteers


The Research Library goes further than just measuring the satisfaction of clients and employees. With the software and the “audits” part from the Research Library, (internal) audits can also be performed.

Questionnaires have been developed for:

  • Hygiene
  • Medication
  • BOPZ
  • Freedom-Restricting Measures
  • Care living plan


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    and start measuring yourself within 2 weeks.

    The advantages of the Research Library at a glance:

    • All studies for the quality improvement process in your organization together in one system.
    • Due to the wide range of studies and the continuous adjustment of the studies in order to permanently link up with practice, you always have proven studies. This will save you a lot of preparation time.
    • All studies comply with the quality framework.
    • The respondents can give their opinion in a very pleasant and clear way.
    • Management reports can be customized. You determine how often and to what detail you receive the results in your mailbox.
    • Benchmarking of the results is possible, so that the results of your own organization can be put in a broader perspective.
    • There is always an NPS score.

    Start within 2 weeks
    Questions from the CQ index applied
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