Grow and improve by measuring

Get a better view of the experience of your customers and / or employees to take concrete steps

Concrete research and action plans

We draw up a research and action plan together with you. Essential data is collected by compiling smart, not too long questionnaires and distributing them to the desired respondent group. This immediately provides knowledge with which you can improve your services. Together with your employees you can get started with an improvement plan.

Real-time measurements make it possible to continuously monitor the effects of implemented adjustments. Adjustments can be made quickly and adequately and a learning and development climate is created within your organization.

We have developed a few “ready to use” products that you can use immediately. These developed concepts are applicable for large as well as small companies, and in all sectors. Are you looking for a solution that better suits your organization? Please feel free to contact us, our consultants are happy to think along with you.

Our approach

Our approach is characterized by a practice-oriented approach. We strive for (long-term) cooperation and do not go for quick ad hoc solutions.

Our consultants are people from the field who know how things work on the shop floor and have thorough knowledge of how to set up and conduct a research.


Proven studies with questionnaires already developed and tested in practice are ready to be used immediately. The results are clearly displayed in a standard dashboard.


More frequent surveys with short questionnaires: increase the connection of your employees and thus their satisfaction. Know what is going on in the workplace.


Complete package, especially for healthcare institutions up to 125 clients. Fully complies with the requirements of the Quality Framework and is accredited by the authorities.

Plug & Play

Measure customer satisfaction professionally and effectively. You collect your data with a column at a strategic location.

Area research

As a municipality or district, you want the best for your residents. But do they appreciate your efforts? How do they assess your policy? And what are the differences per zipcode area?

Direct NPS

With Direct NPS you measure customer loyalty in a fast and efficient way, immediately after your customer has purchased a service from you. By having this measurement take place immediately after the customer leaves your company, the experience is still fresh and the answers give a very good picture.

Research Library care

To replace the CQ index, questionnaires have already been developed and tested in practice for the healthcare sector. They all comply with the Quality Framework and are accredited.

Inno4Care was founded with the vision to make a substantial contribution to improving customer satisfaction. Our experienced team provides the insights you need to get started internally and achieve results in the short term.

Inno4Care | A OM Group company


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