Cyclus360 Health

The improvement cycle for healthcare

Satisfaction surveys with audits for healthcare

Proven studies are ready for you in combination with clear dashboards

The quality of healthcare in the Netherlands must be as optimal as possible. That’s what everyone involved wants. Quality measurements are therefore an important part for healthcare organizations, but often also complex.

The Cyclus360 Health developed by OMApp Advies and Inno4Care offers a total solution. The Cyclus360 Health program can be implemented in a practical way, so that measurement can be started easily and quality improvements can be implemented. With the tool, self-managing teams can get started with improvements themselves.

Start immediately

Proven studies with questionnaires already developed and proven in practice are ready for immediate use.

With Cyclus360 Health you can quickly start with the following types of examinations:

  • Client Satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Volunteer Satisfaction
  • (Internal) Audits

The questionnaires are all in line with the thematic classification from the Quality Framework. Read here which questionnaires are available in the research library.

Extra budget for quality

We support and advise in drawing up your quality plan in order to qualify for an extra quality budget.


Once you start the Cyclus360 Health program, we will go through the following steps:

  • Questionnaires for client satisfaction, employee satisfaction and volunteer satisfaction are prepared together with you and it is examined whether the already available questionnaires need to be adapted to your situation.
  • All surveys are formatted in your house style, so that it feels familiar to the respondents.
  • It is determined how often which surveys are carried out among which target groups.
  • The automatic reports are created based on the desired level of detail: team level, location level, target group level, total level.
  • Immediately, the frequency that it is sent is set for each report: per week, per month or even per day.
  • The most important results, for example the NPS score, are made accessible in a dashboard. Management and teams can thus see at a glance how things are going.
  • Every two years we evaluate the entire process together and see whether adjustments are necessary.

With this program, quality is measured in a practical and structural manner and a dialogue can be initiated between team members, management and all stakeholders involved in healthcare.

The questionnaires are composed in such a way that the results from the client satisfaction, employee satisfaction and volunteer satisfaction survey can be compared.

Successful implementation

Applying the Cyclus360 Health program leads to:

  • Person-centered care.
  • More time and attention for clients.
  • Clients and client council experience that they are listened to.
  • High involvement of employees and volunteers in the care and service process.
  • Concrete and targeted approach to quality at team level.
  • Discussions between teams and management to work together on quality improvement.

Need customization for your questionnaires or dashboard?
This is all possible.

A complete process for your quality improvement.
Teams can get started with improvement actions themselves.

Inno4Care was founded with the vision to make a substantial contribution to improving customer satisfaction. Our experienced team provides the insights you need to get started internally and achieve results in the short term.

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