Direct NPS

Continuously informed about the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers

Direct NPS

With Direct NPS you measure customer loyalty in a fast and efficient way, immediately after your customer has purchased a service from you. By having this measurement take place immediately after the customer leaves your company, the experience is still fresh and the answers give a very good picture.

Professional presentation

Taking the NPS question from your customers can easily be done via a tablet that is, for example, at your reception or in an email that is sent to your customer as soon as he leaves the house. But it is also possible to place these in a column in a professional manner. With such a standard you can place the tablet with NPS demand in a strategic place.

What is the NPS score?

The customer is only asked one question, and that is the Net Promoter Scorequestion: “To what extent would you recommend us to friends, family or colleagues”

The respondent must indicate this on the basis of a number. The scale runs from 0 to 10 where the NPS score is determined by the following formula:

%Promoters minus %Detractors

The promoters are the people who are loyal and would recommend your company to others, they give a 9 or a 10. Detractors are the dissatisfied customers, they give a 0 to 6. The people who give a 7 or 8 are called the “Passives”. They are satisfied, but will not contribute to the possible growth of your company by referring others.

By continuously measuring this NPS score, you can see whether certain adjustments in your company directly affect the experience of your customer.

Inno4Care was founded with the vision to make a substantial contribution to improving customer satisfaction. Our experienced team provides the insights you need to get started internally and achieve results in the short term.

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