Plug & Play

Measure customer satisfaction professionally and effectively

Do professional research into customer experience yourself

We offer a “Plug & Play” solution with which you can measure your customer satisfaction professionally and structurally, for a fixed amount per year. No hardware purchase required!

The package includes the following:

  • Column and tablet with software
  • Compile research
  • Reports automated in your mailbox
  • 4 surveys per year to be set up by us
  • Including link for measuring via your website
  • Professional and fast support

Measure to size

By using a pillar in a strategic location with a tablet containing your questionnaire, it invites your customers to give their opinion.

The results are processed in real time, making it possible to set an e-mail alert when a customer gives a negative review. You can then take immediate action.



Column in corporate style

The column can be completely personalized. Your logo, slogan or other texts and images can be applied to the column. This will make the column fit within your organization and give the customer the confidence that the questionnaire is really for your organization.

Customizing the column is included in the Plug & Play packageket.

An example of personalized columns

Inno4Care was founded with the vision to make a substantial contribution to improving customer satisfaction. Our experienced team provides the insights you need to get started internally and achieve results in the short term.

Inno4Care | A OM Group company


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