Particularly for healthcare institutions up to 125 clients. Meets the Quality Framework

Start immediately with measuring client and employee satisfaction

The VVT ​​OK! package has been specially developed for healthcare institutions up to 125 clients. With this ready-made solution, you can start immediately: no time is wasted for drawing up and developing questionnaires, no training is required, but get started right away!

With the VVT ​​OK! package can be started quickly and easily with measuring client and employee satisfaction.

With the all-in VVT OK! package you will get:

  • One standard survey per quarter, to be chosen from the Research Library.
  • Measure client satisfaction with a tablet or via email.
  • Measure annual Employee Satisfaction via an email sent out by us.
  • View your results every week.
  • Have automatic reports set up by us.
  • There is an annual evaluation of the collaboration.
  • Automatic updates and upgrades of the software, so that the most current functionalities are always available.
  • Data storage is included in the package.

And that for a fixed amount per year.

Improve from practice

Valuation studies have been developed for and with care organizations as an alternative to the CQ index for all target groups (VVT). The studies meet the quality framework and the purchasing requirements of the insurers and the care office. In addition, quality studies have been developed, such as audits and controls, that meet field standards and inspection requirements. Organizations can test themselves and assess whether they meet the set standards. A recognized measuring instrument for healthcare organizations that meets all the set criteria.

Research library

For healthcare organizations, there is the Research Library, containing standardized studies that have been developed for and by practice and that meet the quality guidelines. The studies are continuously improved and more and more studies are added that have proven themselves in practice.

Measure customer satisfaction in real time

Real-time measurement of customer satisfaction with a choice of many different surveys to replace the CQ surveys.

Audits are possible in the field of:

  • Hygiene
  • Medication
  • BOPZ
  • Freedom-Restricting Measures.

Examples of studies you can choose from are:

  • Satisfaction of clients in the hospital
  • Satisfaction of home care clients.
  • Satisfaction of clients’ daytime activities.
  • Satisfaction of day treatment clients.
  • Satisfaction of representatives of PG clients.
  • Satisfaction of domestic help (WMO).
  • Satisfaction of clients in geriatric rehabilitation care (GRZ).
  • Satisfaction of informal carers with case management of dementia.
  • Satisfaction / need survey of informal carers.
  • Satisfaction of social alarms.
  • Satisfaction Tafeltje Cover / meal provision.
  • First line stay.
  • Dignity and Pride.

Employee Satisfaction Survey (MTO)

You can choose an MTO module from the research library. Employees are actively challenged to think about improvements and an appeal is made to their own responsibility.

There are four areas of success with key expectations / indicators:

  • The organization
  • The work
  • Cooperation and perceived social support
  • The management / leadership

Depending on the measurement goal, you can use multiple or sub-modules. For this you can choose from:

  • The work
  • Cooperation and social support
  • Stress and energy sources
  • Leadership / Management
  • The organization
  • Psychosocial working conditions
  • Collaboration between formal and informal care providers
  • Vitality employees
  • Satisfaction of volunteers

Automated management reports

You will receive automatic reports from the softwares. In addition, it is possible to have us provide custom reports.

Custom Reports are not part of the VVT ​​OK rate.

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and start measuring yourself within 2 weeks.

The advantages:

  • The Research Library contains studies that can be used directly as an alternative to the CQ index (in accordance with the guidelines of the National Health Care Institute)
  • Several thousand euros in savings on internal (consultation) hours to develop good questionnaires that meet all standardsn.
  • The library is regularly expanded with new research.
  • You collect careful and thorough information about client experiences.
  • Updates based on the user experiences.
  • A saving of more than 50% on research costs, including your time commitment.
  • You can start within 2 weeks.
  • Possibility to benchmark.
  • Always an NPS score.

Start within 2 weeks
Questions from the CQ index applied
Innovative appearance

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Get started quickly and professionally with VVT OK!

Why choose VVT ​​OK?

  • Clients can give their own opinion about your organization, without this requiring specific guidance from an employee.
  • You get real-time insight into the customer experience, information that can be used for learning and improving.
  • Satisfaction Alerts by e-mail ensure that the responsible manager is immediately informed when a customer gives a rating below the internal standard.
  • Management reports are automatically delivered to your mailbox at any time you wish.
  • Short payback period (ROI).
  • Innovative appearance to your clients and relations.
  • Hardware purchase limited (1 tablet).(probably already present within your organization).
  • The software platform used is prepared for all future developments.
  • All quality studies are integrated in one system.
  • Employee surveys that can be carried out modularly per theme, so that each department / location can investigate what is relevant.

Inno4Care was founded with the vision to make a substantial contribution to improving customer satisfaction. Our experienced team provides the insights you need to get started internally and achieve results in the short term.

Inno4Care | A OM Group company

E: sales@inno4care.nl

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